There is no other business brokerage career opportunity that comes remotely close to the ongoing services offered.

The new can easily exceed $300,000 per year by meeting simple goals and following our processes.

Certified to do business on Envoyz

The industry's only social media and mobile app based platforms.


Social Media Component

Educating the masses on the ability to escape coporate life into self ownersip.


This platform should be particularly beneficial to business sellers because this platform can reach your area's masses through various social media outlets. The business itself remains confidential in the process until a non-disclosure agreement has been completed by qualified buyers. Using standard platforms may get a business-for-sale viewed a few hundred times. Using the Envoyz social media platform will get it seen by hundreds of thousands - maybe more. This is an untapped market - UNTIL NOW

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App Based Component

Similar to dating apps, it puts qualified buyer and sellers together.


For the first time in the industry, buyers can now utilize a mobile based platform to qualify themselves for business-for-sale. And, instead of being bombarded by broker emails on every business-for-sale, they will only be contacted about business-for-sale for which they are qualified and have an interest. Never before has a buyer had a platform to maintain a semblance of control. They register through the app creating thei own account that includes a full private buyer area with helpful tips. This is 100% free with NO in app fees.

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About Us

Since 2001, we have been the industry leader in quality business brokering services. With over 100 quality NAABB Certified Brokers throughout North America, we have a large intertwined network of professionals with one goal - to provide quality representation of business sellers. NAABB owner and founder Scott Radin is known internationally as a business brokering leader and his leadership has made NAABB the place to go to sell a business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers. At NAABB, all of our brokers work every day because they want to get their seller clients to closing. This is a very detail orientated process and all NAABB Certified Brokers bring structure and discipline to every project. Without NAABB expertise, business sellers don't understand the importance of confidentiality, buyer qualification or buyer financing. Business sellers do not know where to find and target buyers nor navigate the difficult mine field before closing. We earn our fee by getting our sellers to closing!



We will produce your YouTube Videos.

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We will produce your industry podcasts.

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We will produce and maintain your press releases.

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Proprietary systems generates leads as inbound leads!